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Hitachi Rail STS

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Transportation and signalling traffic control systems

Hitachi Rail STS is a leading company operating in the sector of high technology for railway and urban transport. The Company operates in the design, implementation and management of systems and services for signalling and supervision of railway and urban traffic, as well as lead contractor.

Hitachi Rail STS is headquartered in Genoa and has about 4,300 employees in 28 different countries. 100% of the share capital is held by Hitachi Rail Italy Investments shareholder.

The main references are the following:

  • High Speed lines: the whole French TGV network, the Italian High Speed network, the Paris–Bruxelles–London link, Madrid–Lleida line, Figueras–Perpignan (Spain–France), Seoul–Pusan (South Corea), Quinhungdao–Shenyang (China), and Saarbrücken- Mannheim line  (Germany).
  • Conventional Lines: complete services and specialized services for large railway networks in France, Finland, India, Italy, USA, U.K. and fast developing countries, such as  Botswana, China and Australia.
  • Driverless Metros: Copenhagen, Brescia Milano, Roma, Thessaloniki. Traditional metros include: Paris, Manchester, Madrid, Dublin, Lisboa, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Belo Horizonte, New York, Boston, Philadelfia, Los Angeles, Washington, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico, Caracas.
  • Interlockings: Roma Termini (and other 40 stations in Italy), more than 200 stations in India, Manchester South, Jing Jiu line (China), USA, Bangladesh, Malaysia and France.
  • Centralized Traffic Control and Supervision: 7 SCC installations, for the main junctions and lines of the Italian railway network, Manchester, Hong Kong, Union Pacific & CSX (USA), Lion, Paris, Boden (Finland), Boston, Pittsburgh, Caracas.
  • Management and maintenance: a “Client oriented” approach brings about the maximum return on investment for the Madrid–Lleida High Speed Line; Metro Copenhagen, Paris and Lion, Northwest e Perth TCS (Australia), Gaborone (Botswana), Kansas City, Caracas.


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