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Brescia - Verona

Brescia - Verona

Brescia - Verona - Consorzio Saturno

The Brescia-Verona tract is inserted along the directive of the Italian AV/AC Turin-Venice system that will enter as part of the European itinerary on the 5th corridor Lyon-Kiev, constituting an extension of the Milan-Brescia section operating since December 2016.

Consisting in roughly 40 km of dual rail tracks (of which roughly 30 km on surface, roughly 9 km in a tunnel and the remaining in viaduct) that connect Brescia and Verona.

The project provides for maximum speed on the tract between 250 and 300 km/h for passenger trains, power sourcing 2x25kV-50Hz on the central tract and 3kVcc in the terminal parts, adoption of the train distancing systems ETCS/ERTMS Level 2.