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Verona - Vicenza

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The Verona - Bivio Vicenza line, also known as Functional Lot 1 (LF1) of the Verona - Padua HS/HC railway, is included in the HS/HC Italian Railway System, Turin – Venice axis, that is part of the trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), 5th corridor Lyon – Kiev.


Main features of the line are as follows:

-       total length: 45 km (double track)

-       embankments or trenches: 33 km

-       tunnels: 2 km

-       viaducts: 10 km.

Project design requirements call for a line speed of 140-250 km/h for passenger trains, a power supply voltage of 3 kVdc, the adoption of the ETCS / ERTMS Level 2 train distancing system.

The client is RFI - Rete Ferrovie Italiana SpA (FS Group), General Contractor is Consorzio IricavDue, while the Lead supervisory role is assigned to Italferr.

The scope of work under the responsibility of the Saturno Consortium consists of the engineering, procurement and construction of complete technological systems relating to railway signalling systems, command and control system (SCCM/AV), electrical power systems, overhead contact lines, high voltage primary lines and substations, telecommunications, auxiliary services.

In addition to the construction of the new Verona-Vicenza HS/HC railway, all necessary temporary displacement works of the existing Milan-Venice standard line are included in the scope of work. Such displacements of the existing line, in correspondence of two wide interference areas, for approximately total 8 km, are necessary for the construction of the new HS/HC railway. The works will be step performed and duly scheduled during night and weekend shifts, maintaining the existing line in operation during daytime.