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1986 the Year Saturno Consortium is Established:

We are in a time in which there was a need for a radical makeover of the railway system, with the purpose of a drastic reduction on travelling time on large distances.

In this period the main Italian technological companies in the sector decided to establish a Joint venture having the objective of coordination and discipline of design planning, realization and execution of railway works with an elevated technological component, with a systemic and unitary spirit.

Those companies today are Alstom Ferroviaria, Hitachi Rail STS, Colas Rail Italia and SIRTI and, until today, they are proud to be part of Consorzio Saturn for the realization of railway works with an elevated technological content for the Italian High Speed/High Capacity Railway systems.

Those companies, today, put their own experience, their own technical competencies and all their passion for in order to realize and execute a high-speed railway system which is even more evolving.

Many Italian cities are closer today thanks to the systems we realized and executed…..

Rome and Naples, since December 2005 (1st Section) and December 2009 (2nd Section)….

Turin and Novara, since February 2006….

Milan and Bologna, since December 2008….

Novara and Milano, since November 2009....

Firenze and Bologna, since December 2009....

Treviglio and Brescia, since December 2016....


and more and more targets have still to be reached!