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Founded in 1921, Sirti is an Italian company specialized in design, execution and maintenance of big infrastructure networks for Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications, Transport and Energy.

The vast experience gained, the know-how and competencies in the management of large projects renders SIRTI a partner capable of assisting both private and public clients in the choice of the best technological and architectural solutions, in the design and execution of infrastructures up to the logical management end to end of the entire parts of the value chain.

SIRTI started within the realm of Transport in the 20’s with the installation along the railway tracts of specifically designed telecommunications lines. From then SIRTI has developed and amplified its own know-how, following the technological evolution and demand for operators in the railway transport sector. Today SIRTI offers the market a complete choice of professional services that, starting with design planning and construction of fixed and mobile telecommunications networks needed for railway, metro and tram lines, extending to electrical tract systems, to energy and motor force systems, to traditional and innovative railway signalling systems, also including auxiliary systems such as public, safety and audio- surveillance IT systems. Today SIRTI is capable of covering an entire choice of railway technology systems and it proposes itself as a vendor of innovative signalling systems (Innovative Signalling Systems).

The most recent and significant references are:

-  Railway signalling systems in Italy and abroad. In Poland the first SIRTI system was activated named ACC-M/PL on lines controlled by public management PKP-PLK. The system is controlled by Polish operators and manages the two stations in Glowno and Domaniewice and the adjacent sections on the #15 line between the cities Bednary and Lodz Kaliska, at roughly 120 km from Warsaw. IN Italy the ACC plant was activated on the Felizzano-Solero (AL) line and ACC system for the Ponte Gardena station, the first realized for RFI on the Verona-Brennero railway line. It is the first system realized by SIRTI using the architectural model created to support the RFI “Categorical” internalization process.

-  Revamping the FSE (South East Railway) system: electrical substations, contact lines and signalling systems;

- TLC systems on the underground line. Realization of the Operational control centre, TLC systems and safety systems for the Florence tramway and the underground lines in Rome- C Line and Milan-M4.

-  The telecommunications network, radio GSM-R coverage, power supply system (contact line for electric traction, primary lines, Light and Force systems), Tunnel security systems for the HS/HC Italian lines. In particular have been executed activities for technological equipping of the new HS/HC Treviglio-Brescia line, activated at the end of 2016.

SIRTI is a successful player even on an international level with a strong presence in Saudi Arabia, in the United Arab Emirates, in Libya, in Qatar, in Spain, Scandinavia and Poland.

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